0 CLAN vfx

We create and offer tools to solve creative challenges and production issues.

Concept art

We create images that help our clients visualise their projects from the pitching process. We develop initial designs that are used as visual guides throughout the production, helping the crew better understand the look and feel envisioned by the directors and creatives.

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Even before the shooting of a project, we create visualisations that enable directors and creatives a more effective production planning. We believe that having a previs during the pre-production is essential to plan effectively every VFX project. At this stage, we can offer more freedom for experimentation, allowing the choice of different framings and camera movements even before the production starts.

Character Design

Real or Cartoon, we create characters that bring more life to films and leverage the connexion of a brand with its audience.

Set Extension

We create and compose settings that would be impossible to visit or build. We use digital matte-painting techniques and an impeccable composition to make real environments gain depth with realism.


Beauty commercials tend to present a more aspirational, almost "ideal" image of the reality. Whenever necessary, we remove marks, erase elements and retouch some imperfections, always preserving the naturalness of the scenes.

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